hakkimizda-2IMPARATOR FURNITURE Since its establishment, our company strived to offer the best products without sacrificing from quality, earning its rightful place in the hearts of customers thanks to high quality products and excellent service in the field of classic furniture, making a name for itself across the country with high quality applications.

Emphasizing quality and comfort, our company maintains a superb collection that comprises dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and furniture accessories. IMPARATOR FURNITURE continues its manufacturing activities in Modoko / Ümraniye.

Our company develops ergonomic furniture customized for individuals and for spaces in order to create unique solutions for every specific need. Our team of experts assemble the goods and solutions that we provide and we seek to keep customer satisfaction at the top of the list by providing after sales technical support.

IMPARATOR FURNITURE carries the rightful pride of manufacturing furniture for all countries in the world with its young and dynamic team.

Product orders that we receive are processed through the following phases;

  • Quality Control
  • Packing
  • Delivery
  • Support Service After Delivery

After which they are presented to our customers.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to present our customers with all the products and services that they need for a better quality of life, by upholding customer satisfaction an awareness for environmental and social responsiblity.

Our vision is to provide the services, which we have been providing without any compromise in quality for 30 years, with an emphasis on our pioneering work and state of the art technology, with the highest quality and always in due time; to blend our accumulation with our knowledge and experience and to transfer them to coming generations.

Our focus on providing solutions begins by meeting the demands of our customers, materializes by products and services designed to meet these demands, acts on behalf of the customer with employees and business partners equipped with know-how and authority and results şn customer satisfaction.

Our creativity allows us to be aware of the ever-changing needs of customers. Thanks to our perpetual creativity, we are perceived as the ones who are different and the ones who make a difference. We provide products and a variety of choices that trigger the customer’s creativity. We add value to every activity in the lives of our customers.

Our values:

  •  Focus on providing solutions
  •  Productivity
  •  Reliability
  •  Cooperaiton
  •  Flexiblity


Imparator Furniture